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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Books Worth Buying and Keeping

After almost 12 years of homeschooling you can imagine that I have accumulated lots of books over the years! Some good...some not so good.  And then there are those that remain on the shelf because they are CLASSICS! Ones that we go back to again and again. Here are some of my favorites! Have you seen our bookshelves?

I will start with Noah Webster's 1828 Version of the Dictionary. This book is a little pricey but so well worth the money spent. This is not the watered down version. The definitions are unapologetically Christian inspired. This is how Webster meant for it to be. Over the years it has been redefined with many words omitted because of Noah's Christian emphasis in his writing of the book. You can buy it used for half the price on Amazon here.

The next two books that have earned their rightful place on our shelves are "The Usborne Book of World History" and "The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia" They are both packed full with information from the earliest of civilizations to the 20th century. If you are from a creationists point of view you may find some things in there that go against creation but, I always take that as an opportunity to explain why we believe what we do! I have not come across anything yet..... that I can remember.....On second thought I think one of them might of said something like 450,000 years ago?

Which leads me to my next Very informative Web site. I do have several of their books gracing my shelves but, there are so many that I will just give you the site address so you can pick and choose for yourself. Answers in Genesis. Wonderful Creation website with magazines, DVDs and Books! You name it they got it!

The next set of books have been on my shelves from the very beginning and they are "The Beautiful Feet Collection" And you can find them here. You can also try on E-bay and Amazon to get them cheaper. I've went back to these books several times over the years.

Another book that pops in and out is  "In God We Trust" by Timothy Crater and Ranelda Hunsicker. These are little stories of faith about some of the most important people who shaped our country. They are stories you don't hear about anymore because of how secular our society has become....What a shame! You can find it here.

Another book that has recently graced my shelf is "Four Centuries of American Education" By David Barton And while we are on David Barton I have another book that I would recommend keeping "Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence" This is true factual History. This is what our public schools refuse to teach. This is what every American needs to know! Can you tell I have a passion for our American Heritage? You can find these books on David's site, Wall builders or on Amazon. For a younger version of the signers I have "For you They Signed" by Boyer this comes with an activity book so the kids can make a scrap book of all the signers. you can find it here.

And I must say I LOVE "The Pioneer Sampler" by Barbara Greenwood Packed full of projects and stories of the time...You will use it again and again...Especially if you have multiple children! You can find it here.

I have several Books on animals but the two that stick out in my mind the most are Anna Comstock's "Handbook of Nature Study" and "The World of Animals". We are always going to these books to find out what that weird creature is! You can find them here and here.

Last year I found a bird book that I will forever cherish. "Bird Songs" They have recorded over 250 North American Birds in song, with information and a picture of each one.... A Beautiful addition to our Science shelf! You can find it here.

Next post I will share our favorite read alouds. And if there is a particular subject or story you are looking for just ask I may have a suggestion for you!

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