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Monday, April 23, 2012

She's Her Daddy's Girl

People say she takes after her Mama but, if you were to look real close you would see She has her Daddy's nose,chin and long lanky body. Of course Daddy isn't long and lanky anymore but, he used to be............
And some people say she has her Mama's smile but if you look real close you will see her Daddy's big wide grin.
 And our Butterfly girl, she has one attribute that surely didn't come from her Mama.....if you were here on any given day you would find her giving up, giving away, giving abundantly.....I've seen her sacrifice things that were very dear to her in order for some one else to be happy. This unselfish heart surely didn't come from me, but from her Daddy....If you were here on any given day you would find him giving up, giving away, giving abundantly, sacrificing everyday for his Family.........and it doesn't stop there he's like that with everybody not just family.

There is one thing I see in her that reminds me of me when I was a young girl just like her......And I use to think that this is one attribute you shouldn't  have because more often than not an overly sensitive heart can make emotions run high and the tears easy to flow.....It's easy to get hurt and hard to forget. And I'm teaching her how to channel those emotions.....Oh I don't want her to shut them off completely but I want her to learn how to use them positively........It took me years of learning how to control my tears and sometimes I still can't win the battle but, being sensitive isn't a sin, I use to think it was a curse.......I now claim it as a blessing. Because I am able to sense the hurting and the broken a lot quicker than most......And I know what it means to be comforted by one who is just as sensitive as me. I am quick to hug, show love and communicate. And sometimes my over sensitivity makes me want to fix things that I have no control over.....Have I told you I'm still learning?

My dear sweet Butterfly girl, in so many ways you take after your Daddy and yes I believe it's safe to call you Daddy's girl. When I look at you I see so many wonderful attributes that caused me to fall in love with your Daddy and we are truly blessed by your life and all that you have given to both of us!

I pray that you keep all that makes you beautiful and never forget that Christ is who makes you shine like you do. I pray that you will learn how to use all your God given gifts and yes being overly sensitive is truly a gift if you learn how to use it wisely....We love you Sweet Butterfly Girl......Keep on catching those Beautiful Butterflies!

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