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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Imagine The World

As the years roll in and move on I find that time is not any one's friend but, that doesn't mean we can't make the best of what we are given.....As I sit here tapping feelings out I see moments all too quickly missed or moments I chose to miss. And it's because of my own selfishness that I missed the beauty of what could of been.

Imagine the world and what she'd be like if we all paused and took a moment to look around, to see what or who is beyond ourselves. To reach out and make a small gesture of love, an act of kindness. A smile to one who seems to have forgotten how to smile. Odd change given to someone who just didn't seem to have enough at the check out line. Letting someone go a head of you even though you haven't the time to spare. A phone call, a letter of appreciation to someone who does so much but, never seems to get recognized.

Imagine the world if we gave of our time and let go of our pride. If we actually, purposely made an attempt to better some one's day. And not only just for a day, but that we make a habit of it every day.

Imagine just taking one day and spending it with a lonely soul. Oh what it would do for them....for you!

Imagine the world if we never took for granted the gift of some one's friendship. The one that always gives and lets you borrow but, you or I never return the favor.....never return what was borrowed. And don't we all too often take for granted and turn our backs on those that give the most? And oh how easy it is to be consumed with your life and we forget to say thank you to those who make it better.

Imagine the world with out harsh words spoken and ugly banter being spewed.....Even when we think we have the best of intentions or that talking about some one else's life will make things better......For who?

I'm no where near innocent in any of this........

Imagine the world if we stepped out side our box, stepped out of our skin of selfishness and stepped into some one else's world today........

Imagine............And now I will take action! Won't you join me?

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