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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Walk Is Not Your Walk

Your life is  unique. Created and planned out according to His will. And what others say you should be, may not be what He wants you to be. For you are apart of His plan, not theirs.

I've seen people of all walks of life and have been tempted to judge and criticize and to be honest I have judged and put them under a microscope......And at times I believe I have all the answers when in reality I have no clue.

My walk is not your walk. I believe I have been called to be a stay at home Mama to 5 precious beings. To homeschool and serve my family to the best of my ability. To love and adore the man that God has given me. And I will not force my walk on any one but, I'm here to give advice and to let you know what has worked for us. And please know you are free to pick and choose what advice you believe to be the best for you.....And I understand that you may not agree with me at all, but I'm good with that. I understand. I'm not the one you should be turning to anyway......I just want you to know I am here for you and this is my walk that God has chosen for me.

I'm a believer that children are a true blessing from our almighty God and they should be cherished and loved and not looked upon as a chore or something that has gotten in your way and complicated your life.  I believe if you ask God to give you a heart for children and you are faithful to Him, He will go above and beyond your expectations.

My walk is not your walk. But I believe that if you have made the decision to have children and God has chosen to graciously bless you with children, then you are called to give it your all. Because those precious souls need nurturing, attention, guidance and care. They were placed in your hands not someone else's. Which means SACRIFICE on your part.

I am most passionate about the God who sent His one and only sacrifice......I believe He is the one that ultimately gives my family and I GRACE everyday. I believe the closer your walk with Him the more you will hear His plan for you and how quickly your plans will fade away.

In my walk with God I have heard Him speak to me conveying His plan in only ways that He can. I have learned that Judging someone else's life and comparing their walk with yours could be devastating to you, to them. He has a purpose in the walk He has chosen to give you. The only way you will find His path for you is to dig deep into His living word. Everything you need to know about living this life is right there written in black and red. You have questions? Do you want to know what His plan is for you? Read His love letter and BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD......