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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Flower And The Thorn

I often wonder why God puts a flower among the thorns.....Why He sends us inconveniences. And often I, my flesh, tends to think that I'm the teacher. The one who needs to show them the way, but in reality, especially lately, I find it is I that is being taught......
I cringe at the thought that I have so arrived to the place where I am not able to learn anything more. This walk I'm on....this journey is a constant stretching and pulling and tugging. As He is smoothing out the rough spots I see pockets of GRACE all around me!
And I am reminded that even among the thorns there grows a flower. No matter how inconvenient it is for it to grow among the daggers it grows any way......Because it's the shards of this life....the shattered pieces that in fact make us strong. To show us that even among the thorns we can bloom.

And as God has been showing me that I still need work on patience and acceptance, humility and meekness, I stumble and fall. And the most amazing, humbling thing happens when he picks me back up and sets me on my feet again...... I see things more clearly.

When I thought I was the flower, I was actually being the THORN......

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