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Friday, December 30, 2011

An Old Recipe

You can tell when a recipe is worth keeping. The ones that are worth keeping will have crusted flour on them from being used over and over. The ink will be faded because they were that good to use again and again.
I've had this recipe for years. Tucked away in a small box. A box that wasn't quite full. One that I had before we were married. And I remember making this for my very first time and my family raving over how wonderful it was. My love for being in the kitchen started early. Mama taught me all she knew. Some of my most cherished moments are the ones in the kitchen with Mama.
I want to share this recipe with you. It was the very first bread I had ever made. It's funny that I remember stuff like that.......And sad that in some instances I can't remember a name......

Steam Line Batter Bread:
1 Pkg. Active dry yeast
1 1/4 C. warm water
2 Tb. Shortening
2 Tb. Sugar
2 tsp. Salt
2 2/3 C. Flour

Dissolve yeast, add shortening, sugar, salt and 2 cups of the flour. Mix add rest of flour. Cover bowl and let rise 30 minutes. stir down batter. Put in a loaf pan or make a round out of it and let rise for another 40 minutes. Bake at 375 for 45 minutes.

 It's a beautiful bread. Perfect for soups. Fresh out of the oven with butter melted all over.......
Recipes are like old friends. They are worth spending time with. Worth holding onto, even if they have stains and look a little worn, all that just means they have stood the test of time. It's the ingredients that blend so well together, that keeps you coming back for more.



  1. Oh how I wish I could make home made bread WITHOUT the bread machine. I have always been too chicken to cook recipes with yeast. It does sound yummy and so good with the butter melted all over it while still warm.......I'm hungry. :)

  2. My best recipes are stained and flour-covered, too. I wonder where the "Steam Line" name originated, Kimmy. Something to do with trains? Anyway, it sounds delicious!