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Friday, December 9, 2011

No Such Thing As A Small Gift

Sometimes moments in life catch you unaware. They take your breath away. And in my heart I couldn't say no. I just needed to know for sure, we needed to know that this would be the right thing to do. That this is where God wants him. The kids were excited about this possible adventure. But my man and I were still apprehensive. Only because we didn't have much information to go on. And it was all so new, so foreign............

Then Gentle Giant comes in the room with his bible opened to Matthew 25:40 and he reads........
And the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.
We say YES and they come bearing  gifts, These souls from another world. And as they come in through my "Open Door" I can see it in their eyes. This place is not quite what they are use too.  As I see their first reaction I am overwhelmed with emotion. Oh how we take this life for granted.........Over here, the land of the free, where the grass is green and the sun shines more often than not. I have no room to complain, the right to moan and groan is not mine.

And I believe she chose her American name to be Leslie. This Teacher that brings (sometimes) 14 children at a time over from the far away land of Korea.
The child we are hosting, his American name is Daniel......His birth name is Kim.......His English is rather good. I was worried about what to feed him. But God is good and Daniel loves American food! And you know I love to cook! We will be making him a part of our family for 3 months. Learning and growing together.

As I walk Miss Leslie out side I am amazed at the height of her gratitude........and she goes on to say, " In all my life I have never, ever seen a home like this, where the sun always shines, the grass so green beneath my feet, and the view is post card perfect!"

And I am ashamed of myself for all that I take for granted......So I try to explain to her what "taking for granted" is and how spoiled we Americans are but, my words just get lost in the beauty she is drinking in. So I close my mouth and let her drink it in..........And as she looks around her words keep rising into the crisp air....... "Thank you, I am so thankful to you for taking Daniel in. I wish there were more than words to express what I feel."

While we have this brief moment, she tells me a little bit about herself and her two children and how she has been teaching / tutoring for 18 years. It was nothing like I have ever felt. I was immediately drawn to her and so curious about  her world in which she came from. And I knew that if she were to live here we would be the best of friends.
Before she leaves she tells me she will be flying out Monday for Korea and she hands me a gift. As she places it in my hand she looks around our home as says "this is such a small gift." I look her straight in the eyes and make sure she knows that I meant what I said when I said "There is no such thing as a small gift!"  She couldn't possibly understand, she has already given me so much more than she could ever know. As we hug good bye we both insist on keeping in touch through e-mail and skype.  And who knew I would be blessed with a friend from half way around the globe........God knew.

 And as this adventure begins I am excited to see the gifts that God has in store for us all....... And if your in our neighborhood please stop in and meet Daniel!

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  1. I am so excited for your family's adventure!! This is such a neat opportunity! I am a little jealous... we were asked about housing Daniel, but it wasn't the right time for us (it wouldn't be fair to him with our home in boxes and moving in a few weeks)but I'm so glad he'll be near- I can't wait to meet him.