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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Choose to be a Pretty Ribbon

I sit here this morning trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes. And there are those times when life grabs hold and gives that jolt....wakes you up from your sleepy slumber. Reminds you how you need to LIVE. As the status' pop up on my feed, two of them stand out from all the rest.......

" My brother will be in heaven soon. I'm thinking he'll be dancing with Jesus real soon! And what a reunion with Dad."

" Today I am thankful for one more day with my sister Wanda and for being able to take her daughter down memory lane of all the laughter, love and fun she brought into my life. Oh and the few but whipping's I endured for following along in my big Sis's fun steps."

And suddenly the little things that have been gnawing my days away are not taunting me any more. The worries that entangle my tomorrows have some how loosened their grip. And it's the here and now that consumes my mind. In my days I need to create more moments, the ones that wrap you up in pretty ribbon and hug you the rest of the way home to heaven.

There is a beautiful voice in my head.....telling me to be that moment for someone today. Be a pretty ribbon and hug someone today.

Because what you do makes a difference...The words you say have power...choose them wisely. Your actions they tend to speak so much louder.....Choose to take action more often.

And aren't we all here for a purpose? Does He not have a plan for you ....for me? While we are here this side of heaven shouldn't we have more JOY in our days? It's up to us how we handle today's struggles. It so matters for our tomorrows.......For someone Else's tomorrow.

What we do now matters...Whether good or bad it effects who we are. It effects those around us. And I would so much rather make someone smile than to make them frown.

So today I choose to be a ribbon, all pretty and shinning from the SON. And I'm gonna wrap myself around those I love....Maybe even give a little bit of ribbon to someone I don't know........

Live For Today....Because your not guaranteed tomorrow.

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