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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Treasure Will Be At His Feet

Another man's junk, is another man's treasure. That's what they say. I love to go treasure hunting at yard sales and antique fairs. Although I'm not one to keep too many things. I've said before "things" tend to get in the way and clutter the mind.
And before I find treasure, I have to be willing to let treasure go.  I find it rather freeing to clean out what's not in use. To get rid of "things" that take up valuable space and time.
I have a thing for wooden boxes. I don't know why....Maybe it's because they are perfect treasure keepers. This one I found today while treasure hunting......for $1.50.
I have extremely high cupboards and I'm just average height. This treasure will give me a step up.........To see what may be hidden, what may be lost and forgotten about.
Last but not least, my favorite of all treasures today......Moses the Rooster! My brand new friend.....bought from a sweet friend. Placed in just the perfect spot.  Why did I name him Moses you ask?   Well doesn't he look like a leader?

These are my treasured "things" I found today. And yes I have several things I am getting rid of. Well more than several.....I have enough so that we can have a yard sale in a couple of weeks.....

By the way, "Things", they will come and go. They are here to stay when you and I get called home. I'm so thankful He found me buried under neath all that soot, left in a dark corner....hidden, lost and forgotten about. He called my name, cleaned me up. Got rid of the old......made way for the new. And today He calls me His treasure. And when I go home, the treasure will be at His feet.

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  1. I love this...my husband and I are actually talking about "stuff" that clutters life right now. It's so easy to get distracted by things. It's a good idea to get rid of a lot when you get more stuff. That's a really good way to do it! Thanks for this...