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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Would Tell you This

If you were to ask me today what I've learned in all my God given days up until now.......I would tell you this....Life is too short to stay here and squabble over who was right and who was wrong. I would tell you that it takes more energy to frown than to smile. I would tell you, your not invincible, your not guaranteed tomorrow, so make the best of your today!
I would tell you to take a moment and walk outside and notice the heat lightning in the clouds. Take the time to breathe and inhale His creation......Because He made it just for you. I would tell you to forgive your neighbor, your brother, your sister....Just FORGIVE. Bitterness is like a cancer, it will eat you up from the inside out until it destroys you. I would tell you that hearts are worth mending, love is worth saving.
And Mama, I would tell you that patience is worth learning....It's worth finding. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.......I'm living proof. I had no patience. I lost my cool more times than I would care to admit. I'm still learning how to control my tongue. Still learning how to be their Mama. With each passing day I see evidence of His Beautiful Grace, how it washes over me and recovers me for the new day to come.
I would tell you to remember what it was like when you first pulled the covers back with your man, then hold that love/thought and keep it there till he comes home from a long hard days work. Then let that love/thought spill out all over into the dinner you've have made....Let it spill into the conversation you share. Let him know it's still there. That same magnetic force that pulled you together. Then when the kids are tucked away for the evening. Pull the covers back and remember what it was like way back when. Bring it to the present. Bring that love back to the here and now.

I would tell you that birthdays come and go but not one of them would mean a thing if you didn't have loved ones to share them with. If you didn't keep in touch with those you cherish. Today I've learned how important it is to be a friend. Near or far, from long ago or one that's brand new. Friends are worth having, worth making, but most of all they are worth keeping. The friend that gave me this antique roll top desk also happens to be my lover.......My very best friend....

But tonight I want to share that through all the FB posts and the messages sent....The singing birthday wishes left on my phone. The cherished words from cherished friends and family. Phone calls from long distant loved ones. I wonder that if maybe we all reached out to those we love more than just once or twice a year......What impact we could have on the lives that surround us. I mean, do we really need a reason to just say hello to send prayers and thoughts their way?............

I've learned that wisdom still comes, if your open to it. If you ask for it. I would tell you, you don't need a reason to just say hello......I would tell you, that you will get far in life, in your relationships when you learn how to communicate......And not assume people know how you feel or assume how you think they feel.

Out of all the things I have learned in the 41 years I've been here this side of heaven, this is probably the most precious lesson learned...........I would tell you to talk...........And not in anger.......Just talk in truth.......

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