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Friday, June 17, 2011

Moments Not Meant To Be Missed

And I promised myself this time I would try not to miss any more moments...............
 The pictures have been too scarce over the last few years. You never know what you'll capture when your not afraid to hang a camera around your neck. When you silence the ones who don't want to be captured......
 I capture them anyway. Because that's what some people have left, Picture paper. And the prints make them remember moments missed, make them smile.
 Daddy's hands..........
 And what I capture, captures my heart......
 She laughs, tells me to stop and I capture this.......Pretty blue eyed, sunshine girl. She captured my heart 13 years ago.

 Daddy says "no poses!" "What are you doing?"
 And I capture this....I tell him someday you will cherish this, this almost missed moment.
I missed her before she even left, my sunshine girl. Two are gone and three are here, but still there is a void.....I keep myself busy, but busy is not enough.
 Before he leaves , he pulls out a small album. And in it are picture paper memories of his brother, the one that passed away. And I tear up. He doesn't see me as I flip through the pages. "I keep it in my truck, Just to have it to look at." So he can remember.....So he can smile when he is feeling blue. And to him, it was just  yesterday they were running around the hill tops together........Making memories he still talks about today.

These days I swear I could stare at that crooked smile all day....Just to have it engraved in my mind. He will always be my first true love.......

And life will capture your heart if you capture the moments not meant to be missed. How precious this life, how precious the memories life holds.
How quickly your present becomes your past, your today's become your yesterdays. And I'm holding on with a tight grip only to lose my grasp......But I embrace what's to come. More picture paper moments.

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