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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Perfect Carpenter

We have wonderful neighbors across the way. The kids often go and visit them just to spend time with them....And as I'm writing this I want them to know that I felt the same way they did when they saw what he did. Disappointment.....Discouragement.......Disbelief......
He's been wanting to work with wood lately. To build things with his own two hands. He had went over and asked for help. He wanted to build a house, and so they helped....Nailing each board together. Putting tile in for the floor. Painting it. He brought it home and there it sat........He had said before that the house was meant for her. That's why he built it.

Imagine now, after all the hard work that the neighbors had put in, to make it special and then they find it tore apart on the shop floor........
Her birthday was coming up....They have always been close, Butterfly girl and Little man. Always together giggling, playing, just being....together. And he knew that she wanted and needed a toy box, even more than a doll house. She was always asking for one. Always wanting one like his.

When there was no more wood, no more scraps lying around. He did the next best thing. He tore apart the house to build the box. A box to put her things in. He worked hard. He only had two days. He did it on his own with very little help.......He knew what he wanted, he knew just what to do. He would work on it during the day and go up to the shop at night after supper  to hammer nails. You could tell it was important to him....so very important.
And when he brought it home, the look on his face was priceless. "Mama do ya think she'll like it?" I know she will, I said. So proud of what he had done, what he had accomplished. And I know it came at a price. The building of this box had hurt some hearts.....
But I want them to know all is not lost. When he found out  he had hurt our dear neighbors, he took what was broken, what had been torn apart and he salvaged it. He saved what was left.... It was suppose to be a doll house but now.........
It sits in our garage and we are using it as our garden shelf. Sometimes in life we think we are meant for one thing and how could we possibly be another? And sometimes.....most times, change can cause hurt and frustration. It's impossible to not step on hearts......We are all imperfect humans, but we have a Carpenter, a Perfect Carpenter who can take our scraps from what we were and turn us into something that glorifies Him. Something that He can use to further His Kingdom, to serve others........To Love others.

 Dear Precious neighbors our kids love and adore you.....You are appreciated for all you do, for who you are. So thankful, So blessed to have you in our lives.

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