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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Even In The Dark The Son Does Shine

What the sun reveals when it dances in the field right before dusk........
And I smile because only he can paint this way. It's His light that reveals beauty before the dark.
At the same time, it's His light that reveals what is dark........It's His light that reveals the dirt in the corners of my soul. Yesterday His light was shining and showing the ugly side of me. Like a spot light
And me, I was standing center stage. All raw and wrapped in the flesh. My meek and quiet spirit wasn't anywhere to be found.
I just couldn't seem to get it right.......And the more I tried to gain control, the more the darkness seemed to creep in. And doesn't the "dark one" lavish in my self pity? Doesn't he tell you that you will always be a failure? I prayed hard for night to fall, for the dark to fall and hide the ugliness of the day.
But even in the Dark The SON DOES SHINE. When life was hitting me hard, when the baby screamed, and the kids were just being kids, I gave up and threw in the towel. I gave in and let go. But He never did....Let go I mean.
When it's hard to find the light with in you. Remember The Son still shines on you. And He reveals what is pure, what is lovely. In the same way He also reveals the darkness, the ugliness..........What He revealed in me yesterday tells me I need to be molded. That I have not yet arrived. That I need never to think that I have........arrived I mean. That I can't do this alone. That I need Him. That I gave up to easy and let go too soon.
 I know my days are not always gonna be Sunshine and rainbows. But I also know the moments in my day wether they be quiet and calm or loud and abrupt, are either enhanced or hindered by my attitude. By my darkness.......What I'm trying to learn, what He is trying to teach me over and over again is gentleness. And there are days when I believe I've got it! Until yesterday hits. What I think He is trying to tell me is that I don't lean on, think about, talk to, focus on HIM enough. No where near enough.......I still have these moments when I'm running like I'm on my own. I can handle this alone.......And then I find myself wandering lost in the dark.......
He always seems to bring me back......Back into the warmth of His light. It's amazing how dark ones life can be without the SON............

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