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Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Love

It's their first time at a salon. I use to be a hairdresser so I always cut their hair at home. I've even painted their nails a time or two.
And some are surprised that I've never taken them before. I guess it's because I never wanted to put too much emphasis on outer Beauty. I am more concerned about their Beauty that comes from within.

I remember  along time ago now, a girl struggling to grow up.......Struggling to be Beautiful like her piers. Wanting to wear Lee jeans and Brown clogs. But Mama and Daddy couldn't afford them. I remember her finding it so very hard to fit in, her in her corduroys and long sleeved blouses buttoned up to the neck. For some reason it made them laugh, it made them chatter back and forth about how strange, how different her clothes and the chubby girl that filled them. Words can cut deep and leave wounds festering.

And they had a name for this girl........ It still causes her to cringe when she remembers the very first time she heard it, but she has been forgiven and so too she shall forgive......And she has.  Time went on and this girl, she found that the only way she could fit in was to give up who she really was. To go against her parents and rebel........rebel hard. She took the hurt and she buried it, then in turn she hurt the ones that loved her the most. She strayed and became like one of them. One of the crowd. One of the many. she blended in. You couldn't tell her apart from the rest any more.
I want them to know that beauty is not skin deep. True Beauty is internal. It's found in your heart. And if you love and care for someone other than yourself, that beauty begins to over flow. Like a green stem,  within it's center comes bursting forth  the most beautiful flower.  I want them to know that God made them just right. Just the way they are suppose to be.  No amount of makeup, designer clothes or nail polish can hide what is true......What is lovely.......Just as it can not hide what is not pure, what is not kind, What is not right in God's eyes.
I've told them before how they are to take care of their temple and that it's ok to want to look good and feel pretty as long as they are doing it in a way that pleases their Heavenly Father And their Earthly Father. I see how confident my girls are at such a young age..........If I could go back in time and tell that young girl that use to struggle so hard to fit in, I would tell her that there is a love like you have never known, one that makes you whole and complete. That you don't need to search any more, you don't need to fit in any more. Because you belong to Him and He thinks your BEAUTIFUL inside and out!

That young girl she is all grown up now........She has made many mistakes along the way and she is still learning. This sin soaked Mama is still learning about Her Father's BEAUTIFUL LOVE


  1. Kim, I have such a hard time putting things into words. I stumble and feel awkward when trying to communicate, I guess that is why I enjoy reading your blogs. When I read your blogs they so often speak right to my heart and move me saying exactly how I feel or felt as a young girl. Keep writing your an awesome person/mother and beautiful on the outside and especially on the inside. God Bless.

  2. Love this. Oh to go back in time and do things over, but then they were learning experiences. I was the same way and maybe in a more destructive manner but God saved me from that road and I am so glad that now I am on the narrow road to heaven. I still make mistakes and wish I could do things over, but now know that God allowed me to make them for a purpose. When I am faced with trials and temptations, I try to let God take me through them and not worry about what others think and when I fail, I know God is still working with me to overcome. You are so beautiful and have such beautiful children. Thank you for sharing a part of your family.