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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Believe

In all my days, in my quiet ways........... In my whirling, twirling days, I Believe............ I believe miracles go hand in hand with the Father in heaven. I believe you can't love, unless you have been loved. I believe giving is a far greater feeling than receiving.
In all my craziness, in all my unstableness I believe there is strength in the light. In the light that shines with in, through out and all around. I believe His light shines and sheds away the dark and evil to reveil your true beauty............. His true beauty.
In my sadness I believe I still have JOY because Joy is something far greater than the smile on one's face. Joy is knowing, trusting, BELIEVING that one day He is coming.
I believe you can never measure life by what you do
Or who you are..........Because it's all about what He has done and who He is that matters, that measures the fullness of His love. 
In my serenity, In my peace I believe that stuff is just stuff and it clutters and chokes out life......... I believe it's ok to have, but not hold onto.......not hold too tight to. I believe these things can come between and push away, eat up precious time and dizzy the mind.

I believe in His love and that he sent his one and only Son for this sin soaked Mama. I believe He knows I still mess up........often. I believe He is a forgiving Father, The second chance Father,The unconditional Loving Father. I believe my past can play with my mind, but my past is not who I am today. I believe He has left my past behind and wiped the slate clean.

I Believe I have been Forgiven............Do you BELIEVE?

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