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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Walk Through Advent

"Mama I wanna help decorate the tree!"
You can, just be patient. I kept putting her off. It's the perfectionist side of me that comes out, it comes out only in my creativity. I like things just right when I create.

She wants nothing more than to just be with me.......and what would it hurt to let her hang a bulb or two? The lights were strung and all a glow.
Ornaments all tied with ribbon. And they were hung by someone special, hung with love, hung to perfection!
The last ornament and she asks  me "Mama can this be our tree, Just yours and mine?" And she wants a part of me that no one else has. I feel it in her voice, I see it in her eyes. She thinks she shares me way too much. And I understand her plight. I know what her heart needs and it's not a Mama with her quirky creative perfectionism. She needs her Mama to let her hang an ornament or two. She needs her Mama to just be........

"Mama I wanna set Baby Jesus under the tree! Can I please set up the manger scene?"
As we prepare our hearts for the coming of  "The King".  May we remember those who need our time and not our perfectionism. Those who need our love and not our gifts.

Those who need Baby Jesus under their tree for Christmas this year........

Won't you join us in the walk through Advent?

25 days of remembering why we celebrate Christmas.

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  1. What a precious precious post...those who need our time, not our perfectionism...those who need our love and not our gifts. You've put in to words the very thing the Lord has been dealing with me about of late. I humbly thank you for your gentleness in sharing.