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Monday, November 29, 2010

As White As The Falling Snow

I don't live where the snow flies anymore. I don't feel the cold northwind against my face. but I remember, I remember how it used to be.
I remember christmas' past and how they made this little girl fall in love with everything that had to do with ribbons and bows. I fell in love with houses all a glow and the lights shimmering under the snow. I fell in love with the smell of the great northern pine and to this day its heavenly sent sends me.......

I remember Christmas Eve service......how it was just something we did. I remember singing with my sister, and how our very first song together was Away in a Manger.

I remember the advent wreath and each Sunday we would light a candle.  One more candle lit, would be that much closer to the "Coming". The coming of a King...........
All of this, all that was remembered was before I knew His saving grace. Before I fell in love with the real meaning of Christmas. But it all led up to that moment.......The moment I received the gift. I still love the memories. The smells of Christmas, the pretty bows. The lights shimmering under the snow. Nostalgia is just a memory and the memories are nice. But what matters, what holds my thoughts, who holds my heart....... is the King.

And The King is Coming! He's coming for you, for me. Tiny babe wrapped in swaddling cloth. To a cold, dark, dirty manger.

That's where he found me 18 years ago.......my world was cold, dark and I was dirty. Now......now I am as white as the falling snow.


  1. So thankful that I stumbled upon you. It doesn't matter if we are eight or eighteen or eighty. Just that we come and can come because He made the way. So thankful. I hear thankful in your heart today.