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Thursday, November 25, 2010

That One Golden Circle

The circle is never ending. Our Love for each other is like the circle.
That one golden circle was given to me on this night 16 years ago
That one golden circle continues on it's never ending journey......... The years how quickly they become the past. And here we are......here we all are.

This over whelming feeling that takes a hold of your heart and wraps itself around until it almost hurts. This feeling I didn't know existed until I met the one that gave me that one golden circle.

And the two shall become one.  This feeling that just continues to get stronger. And somehow I didn't know that it could....I didn't realize that this love could keep growing. And we find we are more alike as the years go by, and we can read each others mind, And we know each others hearts as if they truly had grown into ONE.

 Now I look back on all the memories, all that was made. And I can't imagine ever going back to a time without him, my Knight in Shining Armor. God knew I needed him, He knew what I needed. Every girl wants the fairy tale.....And I can truly say I am living The Fairy Tale.

Thanking GOD for the one who gave me that one golden circle.

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