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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pieces To This Ever Changing Puzzle

As a Mama, I have learned over the years that I play a big part in how the day starts out.......Where ever my mood swings, where ever it ends up, so too, will their moods be. I still forget, I still let my mood swing out of control, but I'm happy to report that my mood swings up more often than down now. It's now that I know each day is ripe with possibities.
You see, when you asked to be molded. You must prepare for the molding. Have Faith in the Refiner. I asked, and He made me aware of the places I seem to fall short. Oh and don't get me wrong I will always fall short. I'm not perfect. This sin soaked Mama is still learning and growing. The difference is, that I am growing in Him. And all of those empty, broken pieces in my heart are being filled with all of His warm loving pieces. Pieces to this ever changing puzzle.
I am a more loving Mama because I BELIEVE, I have FAITH in my FATHER. And like a caring, loving Father corrects his daughter, He is putting the pieces to my puzzle back together His way. And I am Grateful, I am Humbled, I am Blessed!

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  1. "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". I remember that quote from long ago. I find my relationship with the Lord, must stay at a peak to set the right tone.