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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Firm Foundation

My man had this house built for us 4 years ago. His love and sacrifice for his family never ceases to amaze me. I was told by a very dear friend that "before you even move 1 piece of furniture in, pray in every room. Pray down every hall way. Pray that this house will be a blessing to all who will enter into it."
So that's what I did.......I went in every room, I prayed for each child in each of their rooms. I prayed that this house would bring comfort to them, a secure feeling that they will always have a place to lay their heads. I prayed for lots of laughter.........I prayed for the friends who would be sharing this space with them. I prayed this home would stand strong in any storm.

I prayed for the ones who would be sitting at our table.......I prayed for God to send us people to sit at our table. So that we could feed them, laugh with them, share with them, and love on them. I prayed that all would feel welcome. They would feel like this was their home away from home. Most of all my prayer was for all to see the Love of Christ in our hearts.
I prayed for things taught and wisdom gained. I prayed for questions unafraid to ask........for answers unafraid to give. I prayed for dreams with no limits. I prayed for a Rock Solid Foundation.........before they left this home to make a home of their own.
I prayed our Bible never needed dusting..........I prayed for unapolegetically sharing His word, unashamed. I prayed for the growing......the growth of our souls. This home was built on ROCK the strongest foundation there is. And even though this house is just a house.......It's the people living in God's word that make it a HOME.

And I stand here........The word thankful just doesn't seem to.......it just doesn't seem to be enough. Do you know that since I prayed over this Beautiful home that God has blessed us with............We have entertained and welcomed in so many. From Truck drivers, to long time friends, from church family, to family and even a stranger or two, but they were quick to become our friends. The wisdom, it still continues to come. Sometimes in small doses, sometimes in hard to swallow moments, but it still comes. Oh and the laughter, it seems to rise more often than not. I know the storms will come, but I also know we stand on a firm foundation and with Him we can weather any storm!


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