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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Beauty In The Mess

Sometimes beauty can be so obvious, and sometimes I miss the beauty in the mess. I know it's there, I've seen it before, many times. When I remember to slow down. When I remember to forget..........to forget about the mess.

He was sitting on the floor with paper punch in hand and hundreds of little paper pieces surrounding his little boy feet. The yelling came before the eyes could see the beauty......I was so absorbed in the mess that I missed it. And when I turned around to look at this boy who said he "always wants to be my baby", his eyes welled with tears, barely able to get the words out.... "But Mama, I was just making you something special. Your favorite leaves."

I knew instantly I had to right the wrong I had done. I swept him up in my arms and hugged him......oh soo tight. I'm so sorry, I said. Won't you go and take your picture in the other room and finish it for me, So I can be surprised? Oh and Kole leave the mess........I'll pick it up for you son. Sometimes the beauty is in the mess.

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