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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Waiting For The Growing

 We are waiting...........
 Waiting for the green to turn colors. Waiting for the small to get big........
 We are waiting for them to grow. Because growing takes time.
And even though they are right in front of me, I still tend to lose my focus. So many times I have lost focus on what really matters.  And although I wait in the garden. I stand still, hoping that the stillness will stop them from growing. My babies I mean. But way deep down, that's not what I really want. I need to let them grow.......Especially their soul. As I stand still I remember their souls need nourishment to grow.
  I stand still and remember to focus. I remember to look for the details. I stand still and remember their worth is more than many sparrows. And as they grow and produce the fruit, I also grow...............I pray for the worth of their fruit. I pray for mine......
And even the very hairs of your head are numbered. Matthew 10:30

When I feel Like I'm failing, He reminds me that He catches the falling. And in the falling comes the growing. For them, for me.......So in the Garden we wait.........We wait for the growing..........Because Growing takes time.

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  1. amen.

    thank you for reminding, for encouraging.

    walking with Him,