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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Box, Vessel

Why is it that instead of the gift, instead of what was wrapped up inside.........It's the box that intrigues them more?

 They played with this box for hours. Trying it out in each room of the house. When they were really little that's all they cared about was the box and not the gift inside. But isn't the box just as important? It holds the precious gift.

Just as the body is the box, the vessel for the soul.  The precious gift of life. We were told to take good care of our vessels because it cradles the soul until the vessel becomes weary and old and can no longer hold the precious gift.  One day our soul will take flight. It won't need the box, vessel. It's the decisions we make while the soul is still in the vessel that counts.

We need to take care of our box, vessel. We are here to reach other gift holders and to let them know of the gift inside, that the soul has a maker. A gift giver. The gift of eternal life is wrapped up in our heavenly Father's arms. And some day I'm going home to unwrap my gift and crawl up in His lap and be wrapped up in His Amazing Love.

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