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Friday, June 4, 2010

What will your Legacy be?

On any normal given day I would of cringed at the sight of this. Frustration would of hit my face hard. But now after being seasoned in Mama academy. I learned that the years go by way too fast, and knowing I don't have them for too long.....

I must let it slide, like the water off a duck's back, just let it wash away. Is it really the clean and tidy house I desire, or is it the smiles and laughter I want them to remember?

I still struggle with letting it go. I like everything in it's place and there's a place for everything. But there is a season in life, when your a Mama, that just disappears in the blink of an eye. And I only get this one chance to make it the best season of their little lives. For one day their time will come.The time when they become Mamas and Daddys.........And I want them to remember......

That this Mama wasn't all about a clean and tidy house all the time.....that she remebered to stop and play once in a while, that she enjoyed life. That they are more important than the things in her life. For the things will pass away, but legacies live on and on and on. What will your legacy be?

33. Club house made of blankets
34. Smiles
35. a childs laughter
36. My Mama's Legacy passed on to me passed on to them and passed on to the Blessings to come.

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