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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life in Dark, Dismal Days

Pitter pattering rain and the skies are grey. Waking up this morning to a dismal day. Death has come the night before and the new day seems to have no life at all. Although I still hear the birds and this is when the frogs come to life, their song seems so distant so far away. Along with our loved one so far, far away.

But then a slight kick as this child moves with in me and I am reminded that dark, dismal days don't last forever. And as the found soul rises to meet our Father, so too will the sun rise again.

For life is just hidden in darkness until the light shines again. You can still hear life even in the rainy days. You can feel life sitting beside you with a loved ones simple touch, You can feel life with in you with a baby's soft kick. It takes time to heal the pain. A hurt that never really goes away, but just fades, fades into the darkness where it will someday stay.

God Shine your light on this family right now as you walk your child home and show him the Radiant light, where the days are never grey and every corner is illuminated with your beaming glorious light. Until we meet again Uncle Bob. Love is never far away!

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  1. What a beautiful way to express your grief. Sorry for your lose.