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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Captain

As I struggle this morning To rise with a smile....I begin to blame others and things for scaring my smile away. Kids are fighting over the tooth paste, one wants to know if he can stay in his PJ's and the mess on the floor is still staring at me from the night before. My name is being called from all corners of the house and I feel out numbered.

The questions roll in like waves crashing on the shore...Am I doing the right thing? Are we headed in the right direction? Are they getting what they need? Suddenly I find myself steering this vessel on my own.

Some days the storms are bigger than others and the boat gets tossed about and I get scared. One of my biggest fears is the ocean. Somehow I forget who the Captain is. I imediately head out in the storm alone. When the seas are rough and I feel like we are going to go under it is then that I call the Captain. I should of been calling on Him all along. It is those times that I am reminded that He is the one who calms the storms. I need to put my faith & trust in the Lord. He is the Captain!

Call on Him not only in times of trouble, but in your every day moments. Include Him in all things...He will never steer you wrong!

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  1. Kimmy, I read your page a lot! This one really spoke to me, well they all do, but this one is true of me so many mornings....How often have I started the day grumpy? Wanting to change my name!!! It seems all i do is prepare a meal, clean up afterwards, only for it to be the next mealtime!!! And i examine my heart at the end of the day, and I despair. Have I even mentioned the Lord today? Apart from our routine bedtime prayer, and one of the kids yelling "You have to read the Bible!" at bed time! How are my children going to be saved with my poor example? Then I remember that He saved me from an unbelieving home...He is the One who saves, and i just need to stop eeking out the day in my own fading strength...
    Thank you for sharing your gifts!!