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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hope In Every Corner

I often think about the people that have come and gone in my life.....I am thankful for the ones who chose to stay...oddly enough I am also thankful for the ones who chose to walk away.

Do you ever just sit in the quiet of the setting sun and think about the people, places and moments that shaped you into who you are today? Do you ever just look at your aging parents and wonder how in the world did the time just get ripped right out of their hands?.....How were you placed in the very spot they were once in?

Do you ever just look for hope hopelessly and believe that it will never be found........

Do you just want to go back and change things? Words that you spoke, actions that you took?

Many times I have been out here on this piece of ground watching the sun go down. Many, many pictures taken....Many, many thoughts had come and gone, some regrets, but He chose to give grace when I chose the wrong path and for that I am deeply grateful.

As for HOPE, well it was never lost....Not if your found. As hopeless as things might seem ....Truly the Maker of heaven and earth breathes hope into your soul. He gives life and puts wind beneath your wings.

And at times this earthly body struggles to be the vessel you need it to be, but never once will your soul struggle to live. Because Hope is found in the heart of the created. HOPE is longing to be with the Maker.

We are put on this earth not for ourselves,  we are put on this earth to share that HOPE. Even in the midst of our struggles our light shall never fade.

Be the HOPE in every dark corner......Because you may be the only HOPE that some or even just one can see.

My life certainly has not been picture perfect. I've made unwise choices that cost me dearly. But wisdom comes from error and trials. It's what shapes you ......molds you. Refines you. And He nudges and urges me to be more like Him every day.....And there are times when I fail...miserably.  His Grace is more than I can understand. His mercy unfailing.......And so there is my light....My hope to get back up and try again. And I Press On.........

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