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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sometimes We Have to Wade Through Pain to Get Joy.

It amazes me how time can fly but, when your living life in moments of pain, hurt and frustration, oh how the time nearly halts to a stop. No matter how much you think you are prepared, suddenly you find you were never really prepared at all.

Sometimes we have to wade through the pain to get the JOY. Sometimes there are lessons that need to be learned even when we feel like we are drowning. It's all of the time that He wants us to surrender and give in. To give into this life and give up our hearts......Completely.

They say some things are worth waiting for.........And while I believe that to be true most of the time, Sometimes it's in the wait that we find the meaning and it's in the wait that we find how to let go of the pain.....
So we can move on to the JOY.......Funny thing is, our joy never went anywhere, it's what helps us move through the pain.....He helps us through the pain if we just remember to surrender.

 It's in the waiting that we prepare for what comes next, because life goes on living and this world keeps spinning. It's in the memories that we heal. It's the raw hurt that helps us to help others with that same raw hurt.

She waited a whole year to let go...A whole year to say goodbye.....A whole year to move through the pain.
She never lost her joy but, in the waiting she found He was always there. I told her, "you may never know the reason why.......But you will always remember the pain. It's what you will use to turn into good when someone else is wading through their own kind of pain."

In the waiting she was given another blessing.....

Love you,

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