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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chest Rub

For those coughs that won't quiet and those airways that won't open up..... If your like me you have probably been reading labels.......Way toooo many labels! You might want to try your hand at making your own vapor rub.

This stuff works great! I am a believer in essential oils. BUT not just any oil. I get my oils from Young Living. They are the only ones I trust to be pure.

For this Rub you will need:

2 parts coconut oil
1 part beeswax
I used RC essential oil or Raven. You will want a generous amount of oil, some where around 40 drops. In one batch I used both essential oils. You could also use Eucalyptus.

RC and Raven are oil blends. They both have Eucalyptus and Peppermint in them but after that they differ in their blend.

This is so simple! All you do is melt your coconut oil and beeswax together and then add your oils. Pour into your tins. they will set up with in 15 to 20 minutes. If your mixture is too hard or too soft you can remelt and add more coconut oil and or beeswax. The same goes for the essential oils. If you feel it's not strong enough, just remelt and add some more. That's it! Your very own vapor rub. I must say that it works better than the old familiar family friend we all grew up with and it's so much safer and healthier for you. The essential oils will actually break up the congestion and calm the cough, where the other brand only provides short term relief and covers up the symptoms.

I got excited and made a little too much! *Smile* But on the bright side, at least I'll be prepared!

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