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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As The Fog Rolls Back, Will You Choose To See The Beauty?

Sun has risen but you can't tell through the fog and yet there is still light. It rounds out the shadows and pulls figures out 3-D. It's quiet and the fog is heavy and thick in the air.
 Another morning to pull back the covers and rise to start a new day. Yesterday is gone with all it's laughter,and emotional outbursts. Heavy with apologies, hugs and kisses. Laced with memories all tied up, waiting to be untied again someday.
 And I grab and hold on tight to this very moment while I'm alone with Him. I ask him to give me GRACE for the moments I try so hard to push away and yet they still find a crack to creep on in through . I ask Him to fill my day with wonder  as I take the time to delight in their eyes and watch them live and breathe another day. I'm thankful He chose to bring the morning in this way, all sleepy eyed and slow. I watch as He rolls the fog back like a blanket to reveal the beauty He so graciously paints everyday. And I'm in awe as I remember this life and all that it holds...........

 When I slip up and act like a child, forgive me. When I'm selfish and begin to believe it's all about me, forgive me and show me the way. And like the heavy fog rolls back to reveal the day wont you please reveal the path I should be taking instead of the path I'm tempted to take?......
This Mama Journey isn't easy but it's filled with Joy's and triumphs even more than the struggles we so often find our selves swallowed up in. And it's in talking to Him and trusting Him that you feel the warmth of the Son  burn away the heaviness of the day as He is refining me........you?

I can tell you that these moments, the really hard, heavy moments of being their Mama they don't last near as long as it feels like when your in the midst of it all. I can tell you your gonna look back and wonder what all the fussing was about. I can tell you because I'm looking into the eyes of a girl and a boy who are now 14 and 16. and I've had my days all turned up side down and many days I still struggle, but as I watch them grow into young adults I sit back in amazement and remember how God had a hand in it all. I've had so many people tell me that "the terrible twos are dreadful" and to be honest I really enjoyed that time. I'm really enjoying this time. And they would say "if you think that's bad wait til the teenage years they are even worse." but I gotta tell you I'm really enjoying them!

It all depends on how you want to see it. You have a choice.....You can see it all thick and heavy like the fog covering all that is beautiful or you can see the Son slowly bringing out the beauty....Yes it's hard work! Nothing that's worth the price of a soul is easy.

And you were called to be their MAMA there is no higher calling. There is no job harder than the shaping of little souls....Oh, but how priceless are the moments all wrapped up in ribbon waiting to be untied someday......

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  1. Loved loved LOVED this! I am so glad you directed me over to your beautiful blog to read your words regarding those teen years.
    Thank you. Blessed to walk this journey with another kindred spirit.