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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Step Stool To His Lap

It seems I find more of my days are about chasing down what needs to be done. Hurrying up to finish what's left. And they  can wear you down. These "catching up moments"............
She is a blonde, curly headed, marker on her face, pants on backwards, ball of energy. And she is always trying to catch up. To step up to where I am, to do what I do....And I wonder as I watch her, as I watch all of them that God has blessed me to birth into this world.........
As they watch me hurry, as they watch me get flustered, as they watch me trying to get caught up.....They are learning my habits, watching my bad days and learning how to live this life......how I handle this life. How I accept each moment.
And sometimes....most times I need a step up. Some help to reach higher. To go beyond myself and this world that I so often think revolves around me. Higher to the one who gave me grace in all of my past moments......A step stool to His lap, so I can remember how to slow and give grace......And as they watch me, they will learn that they too, can use that very same step stool. As often as they would like, all day long if they need.

Remembering to slow in Grace this Christmas, to all around me.........

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