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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Can Begin With Me

As we walk through Advent this year I wanted to share with you our journey. We have always shared Christ with them. Always told them that the Babe in the manger, He is why we celebrate. But as the years go by it never seems to be enough......I don't ever want Him to get lost in the tinsel and the lights. I never want him to be buried beneath the presents, boxes and bags. I want them to remember our Christmas' were all about that baby in the manger. And that although the gifts are nice, His GRACE is so much more.

My Sunshine girl made the advent calendar. We both wanted to put something in the pockets.....We thought for a while, then I remembered the "Jesse Tree". I went Here, the place where I am mentored. This woman can make the plainest of words sound so beautiful. Another place I find Grace....

And as we read a story for each day, we hang one of these ornaments on our Jesse tree. Today we will be getting a tree down from the attic that will be perfect.........The stories are our roots planted deep. They start at the beginning and show the Christ child all the way through. How He has always been there....All along.

And that's all He wants......He wants us to find the real meaning. He wants us to celebrate His coming.  And haven't we lost sight? Haven't we gone mad? With gifts and knocking people down. With pepper spray and guns......All in the name of Christmas....

My heart is hurt. His heart is breaking.....I've been asking what I can do.....How can "one" make a difference? I may not be able to change the world......But I can begin with me. And so here we are making the time...taking the time to usher Him in. The Christ child, the one who came for you and me. The gift that could never be out given. The gift that's worth more than the silver and gold under your Christmas tree. And you don't even have to stand in line to receive Him. No waiting for Him to go on sale. He has paid the ultimate price. Given freely to you. There is more than enough of His Grace Giving Love to go around.

That the whole world may know....that the whole world can hear........The reason we celebrate, the reason we give is because He came down to where we are and GAVE it ALL.

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  1. Beautiful post. O that we would always remember the TRUE reason we celebrate Christmas and teach others to do the same. Nothing is worse than an unopened gift... and so many people leave the most precious Gift to them untouched. May we always spread the truth about the baby in the manger, why He came, Who He is, and what that means for mankind.

    God bless!