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Friday, June 10, 2011

Son Worn

Sun worn and aged with years. They used to lug grapes, over in a little town called Naples, NY. And I'm surprised they are still here. After all these years of being out in the weather. I keep them because they have character. And because I like old things......
And even though they are not in use for hauling grapes down a hillside. I keep them for a different purpose. I keep them to put flowers in. Although now they are sitting empty waiting for pretty blooms to spill out and drop down the sides.
And I've been thinking lately how I'm where my Mama use to be. How Mama is now Grammy........I think of the years that have passed...... how they all are sun worn. How we weathered the storms that blew through. How the years have let the age set in.
It runs through my mind that when I'm yet again, where my Mama is now.......I want to be dripping with His beauty. May the blooms of this life spill over and cascade down into the next generation. May they remember for years to come that even though  I may have been sun worn, they could see I wore the SON. And in all His Beauty He shined bright with in and through out me..........

I really need to get those grape lugs filled.....Maybe this weekend.

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