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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Emptied Out, To Be Filled Back Up

In the morning I rise and I ask Him how to be a better Mama. How to be a better wife..........
And the gentle morning breeze blows in. I'm sitting in a chair that has done it's share of rocking. It's old, worn and torn. I know what it takes.  And the one thing that keeps running through my mind is let His light shine bright in you..........Serve like He serves, live like He did when He walked this earth, Love like He loves.........Let your light shine. Don't ever let the shadows of darkness creep in and hide Him who lives in you.
After 18 years of emptying my heart and asking for His love to be poured back in, you would think I would have it all together, you would think I would know how to love like Him, to serve and sacrifice like Him, to give like Him.........You would think I would know how to keep my light shining like the Son..........

But I'm sin soaked, always will be until I meet with Him face to face. Until He brings me home......And so I go on living this life He so graciously forgives each time my heart emties out to repent of the hurt and the dirt that I have filled it up with. I empty it of self and fill it back up with .............Love, His forgiving, grace filling love. And as each grace filled year goes by I'm constantly changing as The Potter Molds His Clay. Each Day I feel I'm becoming that Mama, that Wife He wants me to be..........And I love how He loves me.