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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Life is capturing moments and making those moments memories. To freeze them in a frame and remember. To capture the sun in just the right spot. To remember where we started, To look ahead to where we are going.
And some times some moments cause us to want to look back, but experience tells us to just move on....And other moments don't last long enough.....
I find at times I can't grab the moments quick enough. They speed out of control, one running right into the other and I snap quick before it gets away. Some of the best moments to be captured are the ones when they aren't aware. To remember how they actually are/were is to capture them uninhibited just living life in the moment.

As these precious memories accumulate over the years I look back and see how He had a hand in it all, every minute, every waking hour. He has always been right there Creating the moment to be CAPTURED!

And I find I am Lovingly Captured By His Amazing Grace Moments............

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