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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Praying, Mama's Mortar

These old blocks they have been around for quite a while now. I'd say oh about 13 years. Every child has built their masterpiece with these. Every child has called me away from what ever it was that was keeping me busy, just to come look at what they had accomplished........
and each one with their own imagination, uniquely different..... My oldest he would build nothing but loading docks for his toy trucks to back in to. My sunshine girl would try and build towers that were taller than her. Butterfly girl has made a village. I was working in the kitchen when she pulled me away.
And of course there is a place for all her nature friends. A home for each animal. I often wonder about their foundation. Are we helping enough? Are we doing enough to make a strong foundation for them? And the blocks that they play{ed} with, can you tell what their life might be like just by looking at what they build?

Gentle Giant always working with trucks, always dreaming about trucks. always has. He's got a business mind just like his Dad.  Sunshine girl building towers that tower over her. It tells me that there will be nothing too high that that girl won't climb to get to the top and she will grab your hand and cheer you on to encourage you to make it to the top with her. Butterfly girl building a small village and taking care of those that live there. She has a huge heart and it bleeds for those in need. And my little man he builds roads. He is one to pave the way, to make a path for those who need to see there is a way.

What ever they end up doing, who ever they end up becoming I pray their foundation is a strong one. I pray they  remember they built their structure on SOLID ROCK. I pray they will always carry the Bible, which is the mortar to hold any human together.

As a Mama I will always pray until I'm old and grey and these lips can no longer speak prayer.......... I will help be the mortar.

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