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Monday, January 31, 2011

Is There A GOD?

Is there a God? When the long road of life brings you hurt, pain and anguish, is there really a God?
Through twisted metal and unrecognizable debris, is there a God?

My man, the one who keeps me grounded when life takes flight, he kept getting phone call after phone call from our truck driving friends. From our truck driving family........"Johnny there is no way that anyone could of survived!" "Johnny I don't see how any one could of survived that twisted mess." It was a long wait that day.........

It's hard not to get involved, it's hard to not get close, to not form some kind of bond. Because the open road is a lonely place when your a truck driver......When your a truck driver's wife. They call just to talk, just to hear a familiar voice.

I've never met his wife but we share something in common. We know all to well about the sleepless nights and the anticipated phone calls. We know that the long open road can quickly make you a widow. She was in my prayers that day. I felt her pain, her fear. My man use to drive those open roads, and me I would hold the fort down until he got home. And I remember waiting in the middle of the night, ears open wide to hear the welcoming sound of the jake break, and the hum of the diesel engine as it pulled in the drive way. He never knew, I never told him how I would stay awake and pray that God would bring him home to me.
 Is there really a God in all this mess? In the wreckage of this life? Through the tears and fears? Through the worry and wishing, needing and praying?

Today Johnny talk to the man that survived this crash. Yes I said SURVIVED. Another truck had run him off  the road. He hit some guard rails, another truck hit his cab and he flew out on to the road. And when he came to he said "The first thing that came to mind was my wife and my kids and I was not going to die here on this highway, so I just started running."
This time the urge to get home to see the ones he loved was far greater, I believe, than any other time. So if you ask me, Is there A GOD?

Yes I believe whole heartily, with all that I have in me there is one true God. Now granted I know that the out come doesn't always happen this way. More often than not this sort of thing would of ended in death. But the miracle is not only did this man walk away,  but that God is the true life giver. He saves lives every day. From loss of hope and despair. From drug addiction and broken marriages. From alcoholism and emptiness.......The miracle is that He gave His one and only Son so that you might live. not only in this life but in the next.

And I can't help but think of the one true feeling this family is feeling right now. I believe they TRULY know now, the meaning of the word THANKFUL!

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