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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Been Quiet Here

It's been quiet here in this space. The words, they haven't been around........They linger not. I find myself in the midst of this bustling life. Finding what has been missing and learning what comes first......My priorities have not been His, and I find myself flailing about. Watching things fall apart at the seams. Because all too often I have put myself first.

There are no pictures for this post I didn't take the time......instead tonight I played with a little girl on our living room floor. And lately I've been spending much needed time with the ones that call me Mama. I use to be of the mind set that I needed my "me time". And it seems I have been stuck  in that rut again.  I'm still  learning how not to stay there. There will be plenty of "me time".......Later. Right now it is their time......Our time. We only have right now. There is no time to be selfish in this life.

Isn't this what I signed up for? the sleepless nights, the runny noses, And "Mama please come here!" moments. Did I not realize that when I gave birth, I gave up myself........Isn't that what a Mama does? Does she not devote herself to raising and loving the blessings that were given her?

My blog has been at a pause lately, because my life is running at full speed and I'm trying to catch up and slow it down.

And among the diapers and the dirty kitchen, after the home cooked meals, the toys that trip me up in the middle of the night........I find my Joy, He is always there....And I smile and cling tight to what I know is just a fleeting moment. That haunting loud silence is just a whisper away......

I've been told by other mentoring women that what they miss the most is seeing the toys all scattered about, hearing the pitter patter of their tiny feet, they miss seeing and hearing.....LIFE.

How loud the silence can be.

How disturbing the stillness of the empty nest.

I love to tap my life out on these keys.....It seems so natural. But  for just a little while this place will be at a pause until my priorities are in order. I'm still reading the book Large Family Logistics. And I'm learning wonderful things, eating every nook and cranny.......I'm learning how to prioritize, learning how to run my sorta large family better.

I figure in about a week or two I'll be back tapping out life here again.............

Blessings to you and yours

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  1. Beautiful words...you gave me much to think about. I will be praying for you.