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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful For Roots Planted Deep

The words speak truth, and yet truth can hurt. How many of us can say that our roots remain as one? How many families start out strong, share every Thanksgiving, every Christmas? Only to end up going their seperate ways as the years go by. While age and stuborness set in. The Matriarch that was the glue stays silent, or passes away.

Distance keeps me from loved ones, but the distance can not disturb the roots planted so deep. We are as one, our hearts are one. And although every Christmas we spend apart I feel as though I'm right there.

But there is family up home where the roots have been disturbed. Pulled up from the ground. Not even the Matriarch can hold them together. It's been many, many years since that old house on the highest hill has held All the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins And Grandkids.

Family is a strong word........Family has strength when the love is rooted deep. Family can weather any storm, conquer any strong wind, If the roots are fed, if the soil is rich in nutrients. If the love remains.

Tonight I am thankful that I am...........that my roots are planted deep in rich soil. Tonight I pray for the Matriarch who keeps silent. Tonight I pray for the ones with hard hearts, and stubborn souls. Tonight I pray for a section of our families roots that need nutrients..........Grace, Forgiveness, Mercy = JESUS.

Tonight I am thankful for Rich Soil and Deeply Planted Roots! Thankyou Daddy, Mama and Laura, Thankyou for a Strong loving Family!!! The roots have taken and continue to grow deep here, because I was fed.

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