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Friday, July 16, 2010

Truly Humbled and Ten Times Blessed!

I sit here humbled by the kind words given. Not so sure I know how to react.....The words I tap out are just simple, not flowery, my vocabulary is not a large one. And even though I'm not always grammatically correct it doesn't seem to matter much.
You still seem to relate to me. I believe that we are all here for eachother...Sharing life stories, giving words of encouragement, words to make us think,  we are here to share in the happy times,  times of tapping out frustration and feelings of inadequacy, Letting eachother know how we all fall short, It's knowing that we need eachother. That our days aren't always rainbows and sunny side ups. We all know the rain does come and the winds do blow.
My words are mere utterings compared to His word. So when your feeling like you can't relate and no one understands. Go to His word. His Grace is Amazing.....His Grace is LOVE that cares and stoops and Rescues. {John R. W. Stott}
As for me and my tapping of simple words ......I want you to know that I'm real, I'm here for you, to let you know of the love that I know.

 Jesus said to Him, I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life: no man comes to Father, but by me. John 14:6

 You will find this Amazing LOVE in the Living WORD.

 I love the book of Romans, the book of GRACE.

 Romans 10:8 is a good place to start.

And by the way, thank you all, for your kind words. I am truly humbled, and ten times blessed!

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