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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I've been unplugged and pulled out of the internet loop for a little over a week and I must tell you I really didn't mind......
I can't say that I got a lot accomplished in the way of house hold chores......But what I can say is that I had more time to look out and look up......
The other night I ran out the door to catch a glimpse of this Glory hole. And never once did I think of looking where the light was beaming like a spot light, but Flower girl did. She followed the beams of light all the way to the other side of the sky...

"Look Mama!" she yelled. "A Wainbow! Two of dem!" {She is 3 and who am I to correct her sweet little way of mutilating the English language?}  And I swear this picture promise never gets old. No matter how many you see or what age you are.....Don't we always find ourselves saying with excitement, "Look there's a rainbow!"

What I've learned while being unplugged for over a week is that I managed just fine. My heart actually doesn't feel quite as heavy and my mind not so cluttered. My focus was on the people and things that should always take priority in my life.

What I've learned is that I should unplug more often. Because being virtual can never take the place of being REAL......And I'm all about being REAL.

What I've learned is that I haven't been looking out and up near as much as I should. And it makes me wonder.....What have I been missing all the while I've been plugged in? I recently wrote a blog about staying connected and not leaving this virtual world anytime soon. While I still feel that I have a place here, I believe my place here has definitely been defined. And surely I believe that even this needs a time schedule. Time allotted for quiet thoughts and new discoveries I want so desperately to share with you.

But never should this being "plugged in" trump being UNPLUGGED. So my challenge is for you and I... if we stop by this place or any other virtual pad and we haven't put our priorities in their rightful places.....Please let us take the time and get them taken care of before we explore any further.

I promise we will feel so much better when we do......

I also must tell you that it was not only our internet that has been down but our T.V. as well. Do you know what we did? We all sat in the living room and talked, laughed, giggled and shared our day away. I know it sounds so simple and maybe even a little hum drum but, I believe sometimes...most times simple is what we desperately need!

Do I believe that being UNPLUGGED this week was a coincidence? Nope not at all! I believe God needed to show me a few places in my life that needed to be UNPLUGGED and a few places that needed to be rerouted and redirected. Have I ever told you that this sin soaked Mama is always learning?

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